Impact of Events Scale

Indicate how frequently each of these comments were true for you during the past seven days.

Score using one of these four choices: (0) Not at all (1) Rarely 3) Sometimes (5) Often

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1.I thought about it when I didn't mean to.
2.I avoided letting myself get upset when I thought about it or was reminded of it.
3.I tried to remove it from memory.
4.I had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because of thoughts about it that came into my mind.
5.I had waves of strong feelings about it.
6.I had dreams about it.
7.I stayed away from reminders of it.
8.I felt as if it hadn't happened or wasn't real.
9.I tried not to talk about it.
10.Pictures about it popped into my head.
11.Other things kept making me think about it.
12.I tried not to think about it.
13.I was aware that I still had a lot of feelings about it, but I didn't deal with them.
14.Any reminder brought back feelings about it.
15.My feelings about it were kind of numb.

From Horowitz, Alvarez, Wilner, 1979 and Horowitz, 2004